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Sex With My Best Friend
This is a story about my friend Sarah. I had been in love with her for a long time. I had not dared to try anything.
Moscow escort I loved her and I did not want to lose her if she did not agree to do what I wanted. I had been spending a lot of time with her and her children. The three of them became very dear to me. I often slept over at her place. In general, I spent a lot of time with her and her kids. We often slept in the same bed, but I had never tried anything until that evening...
Her kids were not at home. We went to bed, because we were supposed to get up early in the morning and go shopping for kids. A new school year was approaching, so we had to buy school supplies. Soon she “fell asleep”. Escort Moscow 
I knew she liked being massaged slowly, so I gently asked her if she wanted me to massage her.
- “Yes.” - She replied quietly.
I put my hands under her T-shirt, because she was lying on her stomach. I began massaging her slowly and caressing her, from the back to her ass. I noticed she was not wearing a bra. I massaged her neck. Slowly, my hands travelled from her back to the both sides of her upper body. In that way, I reached the edges of her breasts. I heard a suppressed and sexy sigh, ahhhh. I continued massaging her, conquering a larger part of her breasts. Her sigh became more intense. It was more like moaning.

While caressing her, at one moment I took her entire boob with my hand and started pressing and squeezing it gently, and during this time, she was moaning louder and louder, and at the same time she murmured, asking me every now and then:
- “Chucky, why are you doing this to me?”
It made me thought that she was in a sexual relationship with someone else, so she pretended that she wanted me to stop, so that she would turn out to be faithful and not a whore. It aroused me more. I held her nipple between two fingers. With the other hand, which I put under her, I grabbed her other boob and nipple, and at the same time I started squeezing her boobs and twisting nipples gently. It made her crazy. I noticed she started shaking her ass.
Since I was lying beside her and I was very close to her body, her twisting buttocks were stuck on my dick. In this way, she jerked my dick with her buttocks, and during this time she was putting up resistance by asking me why I was doing that to her. It made me squeeze her boobs harder and twist her nipples rougher. Occasionally, my other arm travelled down her back to her butt cheeks, but still it did not go under her shorts, which she was wearing.
Since she was not wearing a bra, I assumed she was not wearing panties either, actually a thong, because she wore only thongs. Then I returned my hand on her boob. She made me angry, because she kept asking me why I was doing that to her, and her hands were at the pillow all the time, sometimes even on my hands. She did not try to move my hands away from her body. I pretended to be angry just to find out how she would react. I moved my hands away from her boobs and moved two feet away from her. I could do it because the bed was spacious and there was plenty of space in it.
In a few moments, she turned around towards me and asked me what was wrong. She put her hand under the blanket with which we were covered and put her hands among my legs. Her hand went along my big dick and squeezed it gently while travelling over it. It convinced me to return to her and our game which I initiated. She lifted up her little shirt she was wearing, and I grabbed her boobs. I started kissing them. I love boobs. I love squeezing and caressing them, twisting and sucking nipples. I just love boobs and I am not ashamed of it. I love the pussy, too, but I adore boobs. I kissed her nipples and put one of them into my mouth. I sucked it and pulled it with my lips, stretching it. Then I lay down on my back and, since she was lying on her back, she rolled over on me. I grabbed her boobs again. Both of us were very much turned on at this point.
I kept squeezing her boobs stronger and rougher. They were not very big, they were not what I liked, but I loved her very much, so they were big to me. I kept squeezing them rougher and rougher, and she pressed her ass down on my dick. She was pushing herself on it stronger and stronger. My dick was very hard. Then it occurred to me that I had been focusing on her boobs all the time, and completely neglected her pussy.
While she was on top of me, one of my hands slowly travelled down towards her loins. The shorts which she was wearing were gently green and thin. I first touched the outer side of her shorts, in order to explore in what state her pussy was. When I reached the pussy, I put my hand directly on it. I felt how wet it was. It was obvious that she was completely turned on. At this moment, I lost my mind of horniness and I squeezed her pussy. She moaned loudly, although before that she had been moaning quietly as if she had been afraid of being heard by someone.
- “Chucky!” - She screamed and shook like she was electrocuted.
She spread her thighs, pushing her buttocks on my dick... Then she returned next to me. I started kissing her. I pushed my tongue deep inside her throat. She reacted by putting her hand on me and scratching my stomach gently. Her hand travelled to my shorts slowly, since I was wearing shorts, too. She put her hand under my shorts and grabbed my dick. All this time, she kept moaning and sighing louder and louder. We were alone, so she could do it. She started squeezing my dick and jerking it, occasionally caressing my balls.
When I noticed how much she liked the dick, I began lowering my hand from her boobs to her things, which were giving me free access. I reached the shorts, and slowly lifted its rubber band. I put my hand inside, travelling across her little stomach which was covered by the shorts. I touched the beginning of her pussy, that is, I reached the clitoris.
Above the pussy, I sensed a little fluffy bush, and I felt that around the bush, it was shaved, which I liked. I caressed the clit slightly with my thumb. Without any further waiting, I put my finger in her pussy. She screamed. I began fucking her pussy with my finger. Then I put another finger in it.

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